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        What is the difference between a switched capacitor contactor and an ordinary contactor, and in which occasions

        2019-9-27 8:39:20

        1. Different scope of application

        Ordinary contactor: It is used for the electric motor as the control object, and can also be used to control electrical loads such as factory equipment, electric heaters, working mother machines and various power units.

        Switching capacitor contactor: used for switching low-voltage shunt capacitors, widely used in reactive power compensation equipment for automatic compensation.

        2.Different structural composition

        Ordinary contactor: AC contactor is composed of electromagnetic mechanism, contact system, arc extinguishing system, reaction force device, bracket and base.

        Switching capacitor contactor: It consists of a charging suppression inrush current device and an AC contactor. The action mechanism is a direct-acting type, the contacts are double breakpoints, the magnetic system is an E-shaped iron core, and the oncoming structure is used. The magnetic system is a tower spring. Counterforce cooperation.

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