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        Can the AC contactor work continuously for a long time?

        2019-9-27 8:46:30

        The AC contactor can work continuously for a long time without interruption.

        The life of AC contactors is very high. The mechanical life is usually several million to ten million times, and the electrical life is generally several hundred thousand to several million times.

        The AC contactor can be operated at a high frequency. As a power on and off control, the maximum operating frequency can reach 1200 times per hour.

        The power of the operation of the AC contactor is derived from the magnetic field generated by the AC through the coil with iron core. The electromagnet core is formed by stacking two young silicon steel sheets in the shape of a “mountain”. select. In order to stabilize the magnetic force, a short-circuit ring is added to the attracting surface of the iron core. The AC contactor is reset by a spring after power loss.

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