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        What is the role of automotive motor relay

        2019-9-27 8:55:42

        Automotive motor relays mainly control the current of high-voltage lines by controlling the current of low-voltage lines, and play the role of current switches. The starter relay is one of the components of the starter system. It is mainly used for small current control and high current mode to start the motor rotation, thereby driving the internal magnetomotor rotor of the generator to input the ignition pulse signal to the igniter to generate electricity. Sparks ignite the mixed gas in the cylinder and do work.

        The working principle of the electromagnetic relay is very simple. It uses the principle of electromagnetic induction. When the coil passes DC, a magnetic field is generated by the coil. When the electromagnetic coil current is cut off, the iron core loses its magnetism, the moving iron core resets under the action of the spring force, the moving contact opens, and the static contact closes.

        Extended information:

        Relay is an automatic switching element with isolation function. It is widely used in remote control, telemetry, communication, automatic control, mechatronics and power electronic equipment. It is one of the most important control elements.

        The relay generally has an induction mechanism (input part) that can reflect certain input variables (such as current, voltage, power, impedance, frequency, temperature, pressure, speed, light, etc.); there are "on", "on" The actuator (output part) controlled by the "off" control; between the input part and output part of the relay, there is an intermediate mechanism (drive part) that couples and isolates the input quantity, performs functional processing, and drives the output part.

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